Three chamber music compositions:

1. Hidden Reflections for Saxophone and Piano
2. Quartet for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Harp
3. Voices from India (String Quartet no. 1) (1998)


Three compositions written between 1994-1997 show contrasting aspects of Lior Navok's musical language; these incorporate various aesthetics, techniques and styles that give each work its individuality. The Quartet for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Harp is an early work written in 1994 for the harpist Gittit Boasson. Its harmonic language is tonal, influenced by French impressionism and jazz. The sonorities in this unique instrumentation allow the presence of a variety of colors to unfold. Written two years later, Hidden Reflections for Alto Saxophone and Piano demonstrates a different direction from the quartet: the musical language has been changed, but the foundations of expressive melodic lines, rich harmonies and rhythms are still found. The piece was written for saxophonist Styliani Tartsinis. Voices From India -String quartet no.1 was written in 1997 based on techniques used in classical Indian music which were revealed to the composer by Peter Row – a highly respected authority for classical Indian music in the united states.

Hidden Reflections [CD]

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