Five compositions from solo to orchestra:

1. The Spanish Songs
2. V5 – Quintet for Vibraphone and String Quartet
3. The Sea of Sunset
4. Remembrances of Jerusalem
5. Meditations Over Shore


Meditations Over Shore includes five world premiere recordings of orchestral, choral, chamber and solo compositions written between 1995 and 1998. The Spanish Songs for soprano solo, bassoon solo and chamber orchestra is performed here by soprano Monica Garcia-Albea and bassoonist Minako Taguchi, Lior Navok conductor. V5 – Quintet for Vibraphone and String Quartet receives on this disc a unique interpretation by vibraphone player Matt Massie, violinists Miguel Perez-Espejo and Ayako Gamo, violist Katherine Vincent and Cellist Damien Ventula. The Sea of Sunset, a poem by Emily Dickinson is written for soprano/mezzo-soprano, trombone, double bass and piano. It uses non-conventional tone production from all performers, in this case Jennifer Ashe, soprano; Tucker Dulin, trombone; Michael Bullock, double bass and Lior Navok, piano. Remembrances of Jerusalem receives its world premiere recording by guitar player William Riley. Meditation Over Shore for soli quartet, chamber chorus, large chorus, harmonica, piano and two percussionists was recorded live in Jordan Hall. This rare performance of the New England Conservatory Chamber Singers and Chorus was led by conductor Tamara Brooks.

Meditations Over Shore [CD]

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Release Year 2001
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