20 Miniatures for solo Piano

Sarah Bob, piano 


CD Tracks: 
The Attic

2. Monsieur Lepic Missing his Train

3. A Drizzly Evening in Berlin

4. The Wanted Clown

5. Shadows Cross Boulevard Saint-Germain

6. Kaleidoscopic Daydreams Daydreaming

7. A Gloomy Man at the Tavern

8. Practice Room Hunt

9. The Cave of One Question One question

10. Mirage

11. The Chase

12. Pont Saint-Louis

13. The Army General and a Clown [sharing one stage]

14. Yorckstraße Train Station – 1:00AM Berlin.

15. Old Note Found in a Book

16. Murder at the French Cabaret

17. The Abandoned Jazz Club

18. Smuggler's Boat – Coastguard Boat

19. The Mad Hatter Goes to a Silent Movie

20. Between Dream and Reality


Imagine finding an old photo box up in the dusty attic, each photo telling of a story frozen in time. Suddenly, images start moving, coming to life, and you are sent into daydreams, flashbacks and recollections. With twenty miniatures, each restricted to only a few minutes, I have tried to portray a story, a drama, condensed with visual details that may sometimes resemble a short movie. Some of these portraits are based on real experiences of mine, while others are completely imaginary.
"The Old Photo Box" was commissioned in memory of Adele and John Gray.

The Old Photo Box [CD]

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Release Year 2006
Label  NLM
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