15 Night Episodes

Lior Navok, piano


1. Steamy Gutters

2. Seconds Turn into Hours…

3. The Gigantic Cuckoo Clock

4. Ghostly Streetcars

5. Water Pipe Submarines

6. The Owls Are Taking Over!

7. Underground Flowers

8. At The Clock Room

9. Alley 129, 5:00am

10. Distant Police Helicopters

11. Serpentine Street Church

12. A Sleepy Watchman

13. Night Train

14. Tipsy Cogs

15. Five Empty Streets


The night, metropolis, fog, drizzle, empty streets… the last streetcars head back to their warm shelter. The sound of a distant construction work echoes through the quiet avenue. Clocks reach the small hours – these belong to the night people.

Urban Nocturnes is subtitled  “15 night episodes”, as the music, reflective and pensive for most of the time, presents the solitary feeling that may people experience in the big metropolis, especially in the small hours of the night, when things calm down and everybody is at home. At these small hours, the city looks different; its sounds are different, more distant, more alienated. Add to that a fog and rain and the imagination will go into many directions.

Urban Nocturnes [CD]

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Release Year 2011
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